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FREE Workshop
Entrepreneur Success Roadmap

How to break free from the daily grind of working hard and getting only incremental increase in business

EST: 8pm 13th Nov.2023
PST: 5pm 13th Nov.2023
AEDT: 12noon 14th Nov. 2023

1 hour session

Limited Free Spots Available

In this workshop, you will:

Design Your Success Roadmap
  • Discover what you really want
  • Rewire your brain
  • Change your habits
Unleash Your Greatest Potentials
  • Become unstoppable with the right mindset
  • Create real and lasting success
  • Banish hidden blocks that hold you back
Get Proven Strategies

  • Clarify your marketing message with proven framework
  • Create your million dollar sales pitch that will repeatedly generate increased revenue
  • Spend more time working on your business strategically 

Limited Free Spots Available

Here’s what past participants have to say about this event:

  • “Before I attended Alex’s workshop I was pursuing what I wanted but without clarity or urgency. She made me realise that I was not committed to a goal which I had for 20 years. This really hit home for me. I now have more clarity in pursuing my goals and really look forward to working more closely with Alex”
    Shane A
  • “I have taken two workshops with Alex and she has opened my eyes to the future, and to the fact that I need to change the way I am thinking. It is a process, but with practice I know I will get better! Alex explains things in a way that a person can easily understand”
    Deb B
  • “Alex in her workshop taught us about new ideas about abundance, different ideas from what I have heard most of my life…I found her workshop a good source of information. We then had a phone call, and Alex actually took the time to listen to me (not many people take their time to do that), and pointed out things she saw that were blocking me from having full abundance”
    Cinthia G

    Limited Free Spots Available

    What if 1 hour of your time can completely change the trajectory of your future?

    Give yourself an opportunity to start experiencing the freedom you desire.

    I look forward to seeing you at the live workshop.

    Limited Free Spots Available