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Transform Your Goals into Achievements & Create a Life You Love

A 6 month coaching program for entrepreneurs to take back control of their lives!

Maximise Your
Human Potential
Be a Master Over Your
Current Circumstance
Multiply Your Income
Without Burnout

The saddest thing at a funeral is not the death of the body
but the death of all the dreams and undiscovered potentials!

The house you were going to build but never built. The trip you were going to take but never took. The business you were going to start but never did.
Do you want to be the person who is full of regrets or someone who knows they have maximised on everything life has to offer?
The choice is yours.

Now is the time to take hold of your dreams and turn them into your reality.
It’s not too late. Live an extraordinary life.

In 6 months,
you will:


Multiply Your Income

Take a quantum leap beyond your imagination in both your life and business to become an extraordinary leader in your field.

Clarify and Execute Worthy Goals with Precision

Permanently change your belief system and achieve anything you want, guaranteed.

Realise Your Infinite Potential

10 x your productivity and confidence to create a life of freedom and a thriving business.

Immediate and Lifelong Results

A reinvention of your life will start the moment you begin this program, leading to long term abundance and success.

Chances are you already realise CHANGE is necessary in your life right now.

To take the next steps you need a change agent.

I am Alex Quinn, CEO of Dream Warriors Coaching. And I am your change agent.

I am committed to helping you take your life, business, relationships, goals to heights you could never have imagined.
Whether you already have a business, or a starting a business with the spark of an idea, or just want to escape your 9-5 job to work on your passion, our 6 month transformation journey will see you embrace the life you are meant to lead.
With my expertise in finance, partnered with the masters of human potential Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, you will get equipped with the tools to step out of your comfort zone, to turn your thinking into results, and to multiply your wealth.

See these radical success stories as a result of this 6 month journey:

  • “Before I attended Alex’s workshop I was pursuing what I wanted but without clarity or urgency. She made me realise that I was not committed to a goal which I had for 20 years. This really hit home for me. I now have more clarity in pursuing my goals and really look forward to working more closely with Alex”
    Shane A.
  • “I went through the Thinking Into Results Program with Alex. Now I know how to use the different parts of my mind. I have seen myself grow in so many ways: in relationships, in my businesses, and in my health”
    Christine B.
  • “I’m halfway through the course and my income has already increased. Without this course I would have quit or stayed in my comfort zone. Every single day I feel powerful.”
    Manapong P.

    3 Simple Steps:

    1. Book a FREE
    Strategy Call

    In this 20 minute strategy call we’ll get an understanding of your current circumstances and some clarity on what are the roadblocks preventing you from reaching your goals. You’ll walk away with a personalised game plan.

    2. Embark on a 6 Month
    Transformation Journey

    Alex Quinn will facilitate weekly lessons and coaching sessions, using Proctor Gallagher Institute programs. You’ll join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and receive daily accountability.

    3. Live a Transformed
    Life That You Love

    You will no longer be stuck in a boring life. You will realise your dreams: multiply your income, produce any success you want, discover your true self.

    You’re just one phone call away from transforming your life:

    24 Week ‘Thinking Into Results’ Program

    • Lifetime access to the Thinking into Results digital course with Bob Proctor
    • 12 group facilitated lessons for turning your goals and dreams into reality.
    • 12 group coaching sessions to gain personalised insight and accountability.
    • 2 quarterly Q&A calls with Proctor Gallagher Institute
    • Comprehensive transformational workbook
    • As an added bonus* you get:
    • Daily accountability tracker
    • Active community support group
    • A complimentary session to discover and eradicate your hidden abundance blocks
    *subject to changes depending on availability at the time

    Is this you?

    Is this you?

    • Entrepreneur or business owner who wants to grow beyond $10K/month
    • Open minded to learn more about yourself
    • Sick & tired of feeling stuck on the hamster wheel
    • Committed to take control of your own life and business
    • Ready to invest in yourself to level up

    There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to take hold of your dreams and make them a reality.

    Dream Warriors Coaching will help you achieve ultimate greatness in business and beyond.

    Book a Free Call

    There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to take hold of your dreams and make them a reality.

    Dream Warriors Coaching will help you achieve ultimate greatness in business and beyond.

    Book a Free Call

    The ‘Thinking Into Results’ difference

    Founded by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, the Proctor Gallagher Institute has developed this program that helps people realise their full potential by giving them tools for thinking the right way.
    Alex Quinn is a PGI consultant with a strong finance background and will help you to work out a personalised plan to implement these life-changing lessons into your life and business. You will move beyond perceived limitations to think your way into any result you want.
    Discover how to use the power of your mind to build your ideal business and life.
    • Thinking Into Results – Bob Proctor

      Be the warrior of your dreams and turn them into your reality. Book a free call now!