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You Were Born Rich

by Bob Proctor

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About Alex Quinn

Alex Quinn is the CEO of Dream Warriors Coaching. She is committed to be your change agent. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to realise their full potential and unlock the power to achieve ANYTHING!

As a Proctor Gallagher Consultant, she delivers and facilitates a range of Bob Proctor’s most effective and powerful coaching programs.

She deeply knows how hard you have been working on your business, at times even suffering endless hours only to remain STUCK at the same income for far too long.

For years Alex was afraid to dream and worked hard on dreams that didn’t even belong to her. One transformative day, her beloved children asked her directly ‘What is your dream?’. When she discovered she had no words, the tears came streaming down her face.

Alex decided to fight for her own dream and now her goal is to help ONE MILLION people turn their biggest dreams into reality.

It’s time to get UNSTUCK! Alex is committed to helping you take your life, business, relationships, goals to heights you could never have imagined.

Alex firmly believe everyone deserves to be a Dream Warrior and live a life of FREEDOM!

Discover and develop riches beyond your wildest dreams